Charaney Viewpoint

50 meters walking distance from homestay (Get up early and walk to watch the sunrise, or head to the nearest hilltop Charaney Viewpoint to watch it set. It can help you prepare for the day ahead and de-stress after a busy day.

Lolay Gaon


Located 45 kilometers from Kalimpong Town and 5 kilometers from homestay this place of scenic beauty can be reached by taxi in one hours from homestay. Located in the Gram panchayat of Kaffer-Kankebong, it is a delight to tourists with its Wildlife, Jungle walks through the forests, a hanging bridge inside the dense forest, and a breathtaking view of Kalimpong Town. An amazing view of Kanchenjunga can be enjoyed from here. Tourists can view sun-rise and sun-set from the observatory here. A significant attraction is The Canopy Walk. There is a 180-meters long hanging wooden tree-top bridge that goes through the dense jungle. Several households cater to the tourism sector by providing home stay facilities to tourists. Apart from that, there are several hotels for lodging and eateries of all kinds offering local cuisine for a reasonable price

Relly River

The Relli River Located 5 kilometers from homestay and it is a small Himalayan river in the Indian states of Sikkim and West Bengal, flowing near Kalimpong.
The Relli River is a popular weekend destination among Kalimpong locals for attractions including local cuisine, picnicking spots, boating, and recreational fishing. A Wayside Inn managed by the West Bengal Tourism Department is located nearby.